Saturday, January 22, 2011

Design on a budget

Recently I have seen some really cute framed pictures on the Internet. I refuse to pay 20 something dollars just for the print. I was at Wal-Mart the other day (against my better judgement) when I found the perfect 11x14 frames for $7.00 a piece. I was so excited. I decided to go to Michael's to look for some scrapbooking paper to put in the frame. I was so excited to find that Michael's has a sale on all of their scrapbooking paper. Each piece was only 25cents today. I left the store having only spent 75 cents on really cool paper. The ABC paper looks so similar to a print that I saw online for $26.00. That wasn't even with the frame. I only spent $7.25 for each picture. What a bargain! I also added a picture of my mantel. I had the big photo collage and the picture frame. I added the print in the frame (wrapping paper.) The D was from Michael's for a buck! Another deal.

Our entry way with my bargain art.

Love the cute art work.

This print was $24 online!

My mantel art. I had everything except for the D.

So, this is really just a complaint.

So, I am in the mood for complaining today. Craig will say I do this quite often, but I don't agree. I think I have a pretty great life. So here it goes. I live in a very urbanized area of Nashville where I have a great house that I am quite proud of. I feel very lucky to be my age and have such a wonderful house. Most of my cohorts don't. When choosing my house, we chose it because of its wonderful amenities....stainless appliances, hardwood floors, tall ceilings, double sinks in the master, 4 bedrooms, a fireplace, huge garage and basement, great view, and of course the two walk in closets that we don't have to share. I also love the storage. The complaint of today is nothing new. I have a neighbor on one side that needs to live in the country. On the other side, my neighbor is building a house that is taking centuries to complete. I am surrounded by mess. I hate mess. Besides the dog poop yard next door, the leaning doll house, the camper that has a flat tire, and the trailer that never moves, I also hate their loud vehicles. Over the summer, it was the motorcycle, not it's the 4-wheeler that is louder than a Metallica concert. Keep in mind, we live in the city and Nashville ordinances say that you can't ride a 4-wheeler on the roads. This doesn't stop my neighbor. Craig and I went to bed hearing it and woke up to him revving it up at 7:30 this morning. I can't stand it. It sucks! Our bedroom window is right next to their driveway (at least 40 feet away) and I can hear it crystal clear! That's my complaint of the day. I wish I could do something about it. Over the summer, I marched myself outside at 11pm because of the motorcycle. I will do it again if I have to. I really love peace and quite. My neighbor obviously doesn't.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pantry Organizing 101

So, last week I was looking through some fav blogs when I came across the most amazing organized pantry. I will have to say that I was a little envious. I really got to thinking and decided to tackle the project myself. After much mulling, I decided to go to my least fav place...Wal-Mart. I really hate WM. My WM is creepy and I don't even like to step foot in there, but I decided it was my best bet. I ended up spending a total of about $20.00 on organization bins and about $11.00 on labels. I saw some cute labels that you could order already printed, but I really didn't want to pay the price or stick with the preset product names on the labels. I know you are probably thinking that I have too much time on my hands..which I do. I had another snow day today (hallelujah.) My entire day was spent shopping and organizing. I couldn't think of a better day.

This was my inspiration. I love the walls. I would also like to trade my wire shelves for wooden ones.

My organized pantry. It still isn't great, but it will do for now.

Notice the labels. It makes me feel happy:)

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's ok to wish. Right?

So as I browse through my daily blog list, I am gathering a list of design ideas in my head. These are some wishes that I have.

1. A new light for the awkward bay window area in the master bedroom. Here is the light I have in mind. I love it. Of course the blogger got it at the Habitat ReStore and I will probably never be able to find one like it. I can still wish, right?

Disregard the lamp. It is cute,though.

2. There is a chair at Pottery Barn that I have had my eye on for some time. It is way too expensive and I am waiting on a knock off.

3. We plan on painting our bedroom this year. I have picked out a color that I love from Home Depot. It is a Martha Stewart color called Flagstone. I saw the color in a blog and fell in love with it. The light yellow in my entire house is getting on my nerves.

I love this color, not to mention the cute bedding.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guinness found a new basket

So, I realized that I couldn't pass up posting the funny pic I took of my cat, Guinness. He is always finding a basket to climb in. He loves baskets. Today, on one of my usual trips to TJ Maxx, I came across some really cute baskets that you have a tag that you can write something in chalk on. I decided that I really needed two of them for the office. How could I pass up something so cute? So, I got home with them, wrote on the tags and placed them in the office for "bills to pay" and "receipts." I got on the computer and saw that Guinness was already in the red basket. He could barely fit, but gosh darnit, he finally got comfy. I am glad that I was able to give him another basket to enjoy. For some reason, he doesn't really care for the brown one.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Laundry Room Art Show

So, I saw the cutest thing on a blog. This lady made her own canvas art using her computer, printer, pencil, and paint. I decided that since I have yet another snow day that I would try it out myself. I went to Big Lots and purchased two canvases (sp?) They were 6 buckaroos. I was pleased to find the deal. I went home and got to work. I already had plenty of paint at home, so I found a font that I liked on Word. I chose one and printed off the words "dirty and clean" using the cute font that I found. I used my pencil to trace the letters on the back and then turned it over and traced it onto the canvas. When I got done, I realized that the pencil markings weren't going to erase, so I got over it and went on. It gives it "character." At the last minute, I decided to use a foam circle brush that I purchased to make a baby shower gift last year. I think they both turned out super cute. The only thing I'd change would be the pencil marks. We learn from your mistakes. Next time I'll certainly try not to push so hard on the pencil.

Aren't they cute hanging on the wall? My laundry room is a little small, so I couldn't get the full picture.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coffee sack pillow cover

So, I admit, I am a little bored after not working for 4 days. I just got the news that school is out once again tomorrow. I really can't believe it. This will be an entire week plus Monday. I got a little bored today, so I came up with the idea of making a pillow cover out of an old coffee sack. Thanks to Craig, he picked a few up at our favorite junk store in Winchester. It has been in our basement for at least a year. I have seen really cute pillows made out of coffee sacks and refuse to pay the ridiculous amount of money that people are asking for them. The only problem is that my sewing abilities suck. I will have so say, I cheated a little. I don't have a sewing machine, so I basically pinned the edges together to get the look I wanted. Next time my Mom visits, she will have to sew it for me. My goal for 2011 is to learn how to sew. Mark my word. Below are some cute pics of the pillow. Ignore the chair. It was a hand-me-down from a friend and Craig leaned back a little too hard one day and broke a rail in the back. It still sits in my living room because I can't find the right replacement.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So, the snow is still here.

We are on snow day number 3 for this week. That means that if it snows anymore, we will be in school more days in May. I can't really say that I haven't enjoyed doing what I want and sleeping in this week. I have been to Target twice this week and went to TJ Maxx today. I really couldn't bear the thought of having to be stuck inside all day. Much to my excitement, I actually found some things that I like at TJ Maxx. Usually I go there and can't find anything that I really need. I taught my students about "wants and needs." I would say that TJ Maxx consists of "wants." Last night, I was watching What Not to Wear and it really hit me that I need to step it up in the clothing department. I shop, shop and shop some more and come home with nothing every time. Craig will tell you that I only come home with tank tops and hoodies. I can't really say he is wrong, but I always tell him that that he is. Today I really kept my mind open and found some things I really like. One of which is a hoodie, but it ties around the waist and is super cute. I can even wear it to work.  I also found a cute cardigan sweater and a pair of stretchy, skinny jeans. I really never thought I'd be buying skinny jeans, but today my friends, I did. I couldn't resist. They are comfy and cute. My boots even fit over them.

I will have to say that this nonstop snow has been weird. Even as I got out of my car in the parking lots of TJ Maxx and Target, there was snow piled up everywhere. It has been a strange winter so far. I am really ready for warmer weather. It is supposed to be in the 40's this weekend. That seems like a heat wave!

My new flag that my Mom & Dad gave me for my birthday.

The tag on my new jeans cracks me up!

Snow on my back deck.

Snow piled up on the front deck. Craig tried to clear it for the FedEx guy.

my cute new sweater.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow again!

We have been anticipating it since last week. Yes, I am talking about snow. We woke up to a blanket of about 3-4 inches of snow in Nashville. I was a little upset because they didn't call school off until this morning at 5am. Craig is off too. Note to self: next time, wear warmer clothes. My pants did not keep out any water. Our neighbor, Cassidy and her dogs came out to play with us. It was funny because their dog, Mittens actually jumped on the sled and went down the hill with Craig. We are supposed to get more snow today and overnight. I am thinking that we may have another snow day tomorrow.

Snow view from our front deck.

Guinness likes the snow too.

After rolling in the snow, Guinness ran to the front door and shook off.

Isn't he cute?

Winter Wonderland!

Mittens is trying to sled with Craig.

Yours truly on her first sled run.

Mittens attacked me.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello new chair

For several months I have been looking to get a new slipcover for my hand-me-down chair. To my disbelief, slipcovers are ridiculously overpriced. I have been in turmoil for a while with the chair because two places on the left arm had ripped. Craig sits in this chair when he studies, so it was always dirty because it is an off-white color. Luckily, I finally talked Craig into purchasing a new chair. This is his last semester in nursing school, so he will be studying quite a bit. He isn't working on weekends this semester, so I wanted him out of my living room when he studies. I hate having to tippy-toe around him so I won't disturb his brainpower. We have moved the old chair upstairs in the middle bedroom and finally purchased a new chair for the living room. I was so excited to find the perfect chair at World Market. It was $100 dollars off the original price. I was super excited to find out that someone had not picked one up, so we didn't have to order it. Once again, my handy hubby put together the chair and it looks great. No more off-white slipcover to deal with. So now Craig and I are both happy. I have a new chair and he has his comfy, old, trusty chair upstairs in a quiet room.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good bye ugly mirrors. Have fun at the dump.

 So, our last project before school and work started was to take down our ugly mirrors in the master bath and put up pretty, new ones. We were super excited to find the perfect mirrors at TJ Maxx Home Goods. If you haven't discovered this store, you must go. It is absolutely wonderful! Sunday afternoon, Craig and I decided to try to take down the old mirrors. We thought way too much into the process. We got online and looked up "how to's and finally decided to pry them off the wall using a small crowbar and a hammer. We both had on goggles (we looked really hot!) After we taped the mirrors to keep from cracking, we actually got the mirrors off the wall with no breakage. The only problem was that the builder glued them to the wall and when we pulled off the old mirrors, it left several circles on the wall. I was super impressed that Craig was able to patch the wall and repaint it to look perfect! I am so lucky to have such a handy hubby. The finished product is wonderful. I could not have asked for anything better.

Ugly mirror before demo.

Ugly, boring mirror.

This is what the wall looked like behind the mirror. Craig fixed all the imperfections and it is perfect now!