Sunday, August 21, 2011

Garage Project

Craig and I spent the day in the garage yesterday trying to finish our exciting project downstairs. To get rid of Craig's habit of piling shoes on the steps, I decided that we needed a landing spot for shoes. Last weekend, we purchased two cubby benches from Target. We then purchased some bead board from Lowe's and cut it to size. I painted the bead board with leftover bathroom paint. Today, we added the hooks to hang bags, jackets, and hats on. I hope this new spot cuts down on the clutter on my steps. So far, it has. What do you think of my idea? I love it:)

Before the wall redo.

Finished. The only issue I have is the fact that the floor isn't level. Oh well!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I thought that this post would be appropriate for the last few days of freedom. School starts back on Thursday. The title of this post pretty much tells the story of how I feel right now. Knowing that in 1 1/2 days I will be teaching a new set of kiddos really frazzles me. I love summer. Mostly for the sleeping in and the free time that I have. The time that I don't have to spend in my car traveling to Antioch. So here is my ode to back to school.

The desks are arranged
The supplies are stocked
The bulletin boards are hung
 The cords are unwound (fewwww!
The notebooks are counted out
The pencils are sharpened
The floors are waxed
The teacher is stressed
How many more days until summer break?

Just kidding. I love my job. I can't wait to meet my new students on Thursday. But until then, this pretty much sums up how I feel.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They Finally Came In!

As many of my readers know, Craig and I ordered some awesome seagrass stools from World Market. I was super excited about the purchase until the sales guy told us that they were on "rain check" and it would be 3-4 weeks until they came in. My excitement level fell immediately. I hated the idea of waiting that long. I hate waiting.
We had almost given up on them coming in at all, then about 2 days later we got a call that they had come in. So, after a workshop on Tuesday, Craig and I headed to WM and picked up the chairs. I have always had this obsession for seagrass anything, so I finally got my wish! They look great and are super comfy. The best part of it is that they gave us a super discount and we had a coupon and a gift card. I love discounts:)
What is your obsession? Maybe it really isn't out of your reach.