Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Fall Ya'll

I apologize for not blogging for a while. Things have been so busy and there is really no excuse for me not updating this blog.
We have been really busy this fall. I literally talked to my Mom on the phone yesterday and made the comment "I guess I will be coming to see you in two more weeks." She said, do you realize that Thanksgiving in next week?" Where did October and November go?

So far, this fall has been full of ups and downs. My fall season began with a wonderful field trip to Green Door Gourmet Farm in Nashville. I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids did. The decorations and weather was amazing and it really got me into the Halloween spirit. The next weekend Craig and I went back to the farm to purchase pumpkins and some veggies. It was also a wonderful fall day. Next came the lengthy visit from a family member who's name shall remain anonymous. It was a mess from the start and it ended even worse. Let's just say that we felt a little betrayed when we left him alone in our house to take care of Barley (our dog) while we were in Memphis/Tunica for my Mom's birthday.

That leads to the best part of our fall. Last weekend we made our yearly trek to Memphis and Tunica. It all began when we met my parents at Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken in Memphis. We heard about it on Diner's Drive In's & Dive's on Food Network. It is wonderful. Despite the slow service this time, we will definitely go back.
We then went to the Pottery Barn, West Elm, and William's Sanoma Outlet. I was in heaven. I left with two pillow covers and two $4.97 stockings for Christmas. Later that day we checked in to our favorite hotel and caught the trolley to Beale Street. We ate at Rendezvous and had drinks at Silky O'Sullivan's. Good times! On Sunday we enjoyed some sight seeing and ate lunch at a greasy hamburger joint called Deyer's on Beale Street and then headed out to Tunica for some gambling. Mom and I hit up the outlets. I was so upset to find out that the Gap Outlet had closed. What? How could this happen to me? The Old Navy Outlet had to do. I left with two shirts and a scarf. We then met up with the boys at the casino. I spent my $20.00 on slots and headed to eat a huge buffet at Paula Deen's. Words can't describe how wonderful this place is. Too much food!
When we got home, we kicked our border out because of an obvious party that was hosted. Then on Monday, we found that our heating unit in the main house had given up. Today we had to get a new unit. We weren't expecting that expense. Merry Christmas to us. I hope you have enjoyed your fall as much as we have.