Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They Finally Came In!

As many of my readers know, Craig and I ordered some awesome seagrass stools from World Market. I was super excited about the purchase until the sales guy told us that they were on "rain check" and it would be 3-4 weeks until they came in. My excitement level fell immediately. I hated the idea of waiting that long. I hate waiting.
We had almost given up on them coming in at all, then about 2 days later we got a call that they had come in. So, after a workshop on Tuesday, Craig and I headed to WM and picked up the chairs. I have always had this obsession for seagrass anything, so I finally got my wish! They look great and are super comfy. The best part of it is that they gave us a super discount and we had a coupon and a gift card. I love discounts:)
What is your obsession? Maybe it really isn't out of your reach.

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