Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello new chair

For several months I have been looking to get a new slipcover for my hand-me-down chair. To my disbelief, slipcovers are ridiculously overpriced. I have been in turmoil for a while with the chair because two places on the left arm had ripped. Craig sits in this chair when he studies, so it was always dirty because it is an off-white color. Luckily, I finally talked Craig into purchasing a new chair. This is his last semester in nursing school, so he will be studying quite a bit. He isn't working on weekends this semester, so I wanted him out of my living room when he studies. I hate having to tippy-toe around him so I won't disturb his brainpower. We have moved the old chair upstairs in the middle bedroom and finally purchased a new chair for the living room. I was so excited to find the perfect chair at World Market. It was $100 dollars off the original price. I was super excited to find out that someone had not picked one up, so we didn't have to order it. Once again, my handy hubby put together the chair and it looks great. No more off-white slipcover to deal with. So now Craig and I are both happy. I have a new chair and he has his comfy, old, trusty chair upstairs in a quiet room.

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