Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wicker Chair Find

As many of my closest friends and family know, I have been looking for the perfect wicker-style chair for my house. I am a self-proclaimed cheap-o, so I have yet to purchase the almost $300 chair that I spotted at Pier 1 months ago. I have tried to find impersonators, but Craig wouldn't budge on buying anything. So, last week before leaving for the beach, my father-in-law told Craig that he wanted him to sell their wicker patio furniture on Craiglist (no relation.) I perked up and said "wicker furniture?" I had never paid too much attention to the furniture because it is always covered up under their covered patio. We went to take the pictures for Craigslist and I loved the chair. It came with an ottoman that I really don't need, but I took it anyway. Craig agreed that he liked it too, so we loaded it in the back of the truck, drove back to our house, cleaned it up a tad, and now it is in my bedroom awaiting its makeover. We plan to paint it a darker color and possible get a new cushion. They always say "good things come to those who wait." This time, I really believe that I got a bargain and a great chair!
Before she got a new paint job.

After...much better color!

Right now, Guinness likes to sleep on the ottoman. I will eventually put it to use somewhere else.

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