Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Arts and Crafts project #2

I will have to confess. I saw this wreath project on a blog and had to tackle one myself. I have seriously been thinking about it nonstop since I saw it on Monday. I guess that is my OCD kicking in. Today we had 1/2 day of school, so after checking in at the Dore Dwelling to print out a 40% off Michael's coupon, I headed out to the store. By the way, yes I am a coupon nerd. Don't blame me, I learned it from my Mom. I was so excited to find the straw wreath for $3.99 and I even got 40% off. What a bargain! Who would have known that the more substantial straw ones were less expensive than the foam ones? After a little side trip to Dollar Tree (more bargains,) I got in my little hamster mobile and drove home. Luckily the icy weather hasn't started yet. It was just drizzling. When I got home I prepared my materials for craft time. Of course, the hot glue gun has to be plugged in, so I had to sit in a rather uncomfortable position on the floor to do the project. I chose a spot near my TV so I could watch HGTV (a necessity.) The project took about 45 minutes since I got the 18 inch wreath. I also messed up a little in the beginning, so I had to go back and fix a few spots. Please note that I eventually want to get a turquoise ribbon to hang the wreath from. I used some wired ribbon that I already had. I used a hook to hang the ornament on the wreath. I see that this will be a work in progress. I will probably decorate her for many occasions!

  • wreath of your choice (foam or straw)
  • coffee filters (I bought a 160 pack and didn't use all of them.)
  • hot glue gun and glue
Step 1: Fold in half
    Step 2: Fold in half again
    Getting started
    Finished product!
    I am pretty proud of myself.

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