Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Made It!

I officially made it through the first week (kind of) of school. I won't count the half day and the in-service in between. The entire transfer mission actually worked this year and I am in my dream school! It hasn't really sunk in entirely yet. I am still getting used to only driving 5 minutes to get to work. It has to be a dream.
Despite being in a portable and having to walk back and forth to the building (not very close), extremely hot weather, and losing and gaining kids, it has been wonderful! I am adjusting to my new schedule quite well. Getting up later, leaving home later, staying at school longer, and kids from my community. I love it! My coworkers have been very welcoming and so has the PTO. I received the cutest welcome basket on Monday with great supplies in it. It made my day.
I hope that the rest of the year runs smoothly. For right now, I am trying my best and enjoying my luck for the moment. Here's to a great year. I hope that all of my teacher friends have a great year as well

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