Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Big Classroom Reveal

When I first walked into my new classroom, I was completely overwhelmed with what I saw. Not only am I in a portable for the first time, but the place was a dumping ground for furniture and "stuff." I dropped off all my boxes and walked out immediately. Weeks later I went back to start the organizing process. I found that the custodians had pushed everything in the entire classroom to one side. Once again, I was overwhelmed! My first job was painting the front wall. Craig was gracious enough to help out. He painted the front door and the front wall while I "Goo-Off'd the coat hooks. The finished product is awesome! He then helped me with the desk placement. I admit that I almost gave up when he finally figured it out. Thanks, Craig! You saved me. Finally, the classroom was coming together. I was able to get an extra storage cabinet and I also got rid of a bunch of extra furniture that I didn't need.
My parents also helped me immensely. Mom sewed me some really cute curtains and helped me decorate. Dad helped put together some shelves that I purchased and he even stuck the foam number stickers on the hooks for me. Thanks again to both of them. I am now way less overwhelmed. The classroom looks fabulous. What do you think?

Ugly Wall Before Painting
Still no paint

As you are about to see. We made a world of difference by painting just the front wall.
Look at the cute grass skirt at the bottom of the white board! Thanks Mom. I bought the black shelf at Target for $20.00. What a bargain. 

Check out the cute pallet shelves that Craig made.

My book shelves still need some work, but I love it so far.

Small Group area with cute "poofs."

Info Central....look at the cute grass skirt!
I had this super cute curtain and it really worked around my desk.

Foam numbers on my hooks really worked! Thanks, Dad!
My rules. Not as cute as I wanted.

All of my math manipulatives on my new shelves from Target. So much more organized.

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  1. I'm so happy for you! You and your students are going to have such a great year!!
    Lori :)