Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break 2012

We had a great Spring Break trip this year. It all began when we made the long trek to Atlanta on Saturday to visit Ikea. I was a little giddy when my Mom's van pulled into the parking lot. I actually caught myself clapping. Silly, I know. My Dad and hubby were not as excited. I can't imagine why:)
I bought several great things. I found a dresser for one of my guest rooms, a message board, a blanket for my living room couch, a hook for one of my guest bedrooms, and my mom and I somehow left with fresh cinnamon rolls. The trip was a success! Minus the crowd.
We stayed the night in Buckhead and ate at a restaurant called The Cantina. Yum-O.
On Sunday morning, we headed out to the interstate to make our way to Savannah, GA. This was a great trip except for passing by two outlet malls on the way. BOO. When we arrived in Savannah, we went straight to The Lady and Sons; Paula Deen's restaurant. The hostess told us that there was no more seating for two hours. We then got lucky when another lady took us to the bar to eat. Score! It was the best Southern cooking ever. It came complete with an all you can eat fried chicken buffet. My mom and hubby were so excited. Not that I wasn't, but I am not a huge fried chicken fan. We ate so much and then had dessert! I was so stuffed.

We then did a little sightseeing in Savannah and then headed out of town. The trip from Savannah to Edisto Island, SC was really long. We did break the trip up by stopping, but it still took forever. It was all worth it when we drove onto the island and saw the most beautiful moss covered trees and marsh lands. Gorgeous! Overall, we had a wonderful, relaxing trip.
On Tuesday we made another short trip to Charleston, SC. We spent the day sightseeing downtown and taking in the beautiful Southern town. We also did a little shopping and eating while we were there. I absolutely love the charm of the old cobblestone streets and old homes. I would love to live in Charleston. Maybe in my next life when I become a millionaire!


We enjoyed the beach at Edisto Island on Monday and Wednesday. The weather was perfect the entire time we were there. I am so glad we made this wonderful trip even though it was a long way from home. Here's to another great vacation. I am so thankful to be able to take so many great vacations!

The relaxing beach.
Look at the beautiful moss at the resort in SC!

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